You need to see the below tel no’s as this is virtually the same as 111 but for Tameside and Glossop only, hopefully you should get a faster response to the service you want.

Fire Camp (FC) will be starting soon, I am still looking for :- 

a little diger bulldozer for a day, 

wheel barrow and spade operators for the carpark it’s nearly half done,

a plumber to install a outside tap on the fire station,

a joiner/kitchen fitter for removing a wall and some units in the FC site office,

an electrician to sort some wiring moves with solar panel controller and batteries in the FC Site Office (SO),

a plumber to remove a sink in the FC SO,

a path maker to go around the FC perimiter, a big long job

If you can help in anyway please let me know as the plan is to open FC ready for summer this year, I started this project on 19/10/2018, yes 2018. It didn’t help with the moors fires, covid and 4 different fire station managers. 

We restarted last year and things have been moving on with your help and support so please support with the setting up ready for the summer this year 2023 5 years late.

FC is to be set up for camping and using the climbwall and sports activity trailer equipment and over a w/e the fire station crew will do fire safety and fire badges.

If you can help with anything or would like to join our FC service crew let me know wages will be just below mine, and brews are always available for free.

Info on my shop is probally be the same as FC was, as nothing has happend since the clear up on the Fri, Sat and Sun after the accident on 5/1/23 which cost £36,354.87.

Don’t forget, most people join Scouting when you talk to them about the things you do in Scouting, besides the helping young people be better citizens in all our differing communities and add in the TWO hours aweek. There is shovelling tarmac, empying toilets, brewing up plus lots of things behind the scenes, Chairs, not the ones for sitting on, Tresurers, the ones that add the money up, Secretaries, the ones that write everything down and Trustees, the ones that say yes or no at meetings. Plus they get free training and a free DBS, whoopee. If anyone shows signs let me know for FC or Scouting.  

Yours Alan,

Alan Fish. DAFT. Volunteer.

(District Advisor For Tameside)

Mobile 07931765120 Office 0161 339 5901