Fire Camp

At North Tameside we are planning on opening our own camp site, the site is located next to Ashton Community Fire Station. We need volunteers to help out with clearing the overgrown areas before we can start adding things like a car park and a toilet. if you are interested in coming along to help out then just get in touch with our district Chairman Alan Fish – or 07931765120. below you will see some updates about the campsite progress.


July 2023

Moving along slowly I wondered if any of you could help out just for an hour or so as every little bit helps. We are up to the actual camp site clearing all the vegetation, trees have now gone so some holes to fill. The sports arena needs levelling and basketball nets need poles. The Site office needs gas water heater sorting and some bits of plumbing and a couple of leaks in the roof. The equipment trailer is for you to use to bring all your camping equipment to camp, needs welding mudguards back on and then sides fitting and lights. Plus if you don’t do manual work, you will need to bring a sick note, you can brew up.

June 2023

FireCamp big change, our 7 trailers are now on our FireCamp site and the sports arena is nearly finished. I was a bit disappointed only 2 people turned up last w/e, I know there was the water sports day on Sat and pondipping on Sun. There are still jobs you could help out with if you have any spare time as we hope to open in a couple months. Levelling carpark for sports arena, a bit of carpark to finish off, bonfires, and on camp site small root stumps removing, root holes filling  in, grass cutting, the peace and keep fit path around the site a big long term job, some jobs on the trailers and of course the most important job, a brewer upper. If you could help call in over w/e between 10.00 and 16.00. Thanks.

The climbing wall is now being used on Fire Camp, we have a booking tonight 17.30 to 22.00 if you could help with. Most permits have expired due to not being used over covid but we can re-issue them tonight. Permit 1, fitting harnesses to Scouts, you don’t need to be a climber, see Permit 2, you do need to be able to climb to rescue some stuck. Permit 3, erect the wall, it is checking support legs, connect your car battery, press the up button. So to hire the wall there should be 4 permit 1, permit 2 and 3 holders.

February 2023

Security CCTV installed

Our little FC Service Crew of Ashley, Andy, Sam, Tom and me didn’t make much difference to move the pile of soil and trees and spread the tarmac, but we managed to destroy our new site office. We took out the middle wall, all the bench seating and a sink unit and lots of cables, but we did put back the sink unit some bench seating back, just need to finish wiring then put the other bench back all in different places and left the wall out.

If you would like to join in with the Fire Camp Service Crew, we need a plumber, gas fitter and joiner but anyone can help by driving a spade or wheelbarrow to make the carpark flat, contact Alan.

Help needed!!!

We are looking for volunteers to help at our new camp site, Fire Camp based at the back of Ashton Community Fire Station.

Job for this weekend is to continue to level the “car park”

If you can spare a couple of hours someone will be there between 10am and 4pm Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February.

Free brews available to keep you hydrated during the day.

I’ve Still not found a cheap digger/dozer yet do you know anyone who has one for a day?

January 2023

We will be starting again soon keep clicking on FireCamp. 


Good news, got a Christmas present for FireCamp (FC), the Portaloo has landed. Had a quick test not for long the seat was freezing I did grin and bear it, well actually I didn’t grin or bear it. I am still looking for FireCamp Service Crew (FCSC) to help out modonise out site office over the winter as bit to cold to carry on with the carpark. Looking for FCSC who are joiners, plumbers, electricans, gas fitters and most importantly Brewer uppers. As we are taking a wall and sink out, moving some electrics and plumbing. Add it onto your to do list next year and let me know, thanks.


Some good news we have a portaloo just waiting for delivery, you won’t have to keep your legs crossed much longer.

I have added a line to the new portaloo sign, to comply with current guidelines and regulations.

If you want a wee go behind a tree.

If you want a poo use the portaloo.

If you are a girl do both in the loo.

If you need to find out about FireCamp goto our website and click FireCamp if you would like to help in someway contact 07931765120

We are mainly working on clearing vegitation and spreading old tarmac at the moment contact 07761410217 or check the diary and click calendar to see when site is open. Wages as usual free brews and a good time helping the future of our young people, climbing, sports area, camping, fire badges and exploring in the jungle. You will need a compass as Sam and l had over an hour to get to the bottom of the site but we got lost and got to the side of the site not the top of the triangle, that still needs to be found.

Yours Alan.


Moving along slowly due to Com Pay not coming to site till the New Year, but great thanks to the few that turned up moving planings around the site and trimming trees. Purchased a portaloo should be arriving soon. The £2200,00 grant has £456.35 mainly due to getting the loo half the price of the budget. Therefore getting

a camp first aid kit and toiletries for the loo and what’s left will go to the costs of emptying the loo.


Well the plannings (old tarmac) have started to arrive but sadly the Community Payback team can’t now come to spread it around the carpark so now I am now trying to find another team. The Camp Warden’s job has gotten a lot harder unless you could help with your wheelbarrow and shovel or just you to help. 

Do any of you have a mate or know someone who empties portable site toilets to empty ours when we get one at FireCamp. As it is too complicated for us to use the AFM (Alan Fish Method) tip it into a bucket and tip it down a manhole, you need loads of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and training plus a suction pump lorry.

Good news the new gate has been installed and the majority of the car park has been cleared.

We can have small fires to burn off the brambles, twigs and leaves trying not to make a lot of smoke. We MUST notify the fire station who will notify control before any fires because the site is enclosed in trees Joe Public will ring 999 and say the fire station is on fire.

I am now looking for a portaloo and a company to empty it, we can’t do it as it is too complicated to do the risk assessments and all the H&S regulations.

To save money need a notice on the loo, 

If you want a wee go behind a tree.

If you want a poo use the portaloo.

Note I haven’t checked any loo rules yet.

So at long last Fire Camp is moving forward

After a three year wait due to the moors fires, covid, legal stuff and 3 Station managers changing the 1st phase of the NT FireCamp at Ashton Fire Station has started on last Sunday 24/7/22 with a battle with nature. Phase 1 is to get a vehicle gate and a loo but the blackberry brambles, trees, apple trees and bushes have taken over the site in the 3 years. It took us 4 hours to clear where the gates are being installed whereas 3 years ago there was nothing in the way, and you could walk down the site to the bottom in 5mins, it took us 1.5 hours with ace and sheers. The plan is our trailers are being stored there and the climbing wall will be based there. The idea is camping, climbing and sports and over the w/e, the Fire Station will do the Scout fire badge, fire safety plus a go with a fire engine.

But before that we have a vast number of brambles, weeds, and a few trees to remove, we are looking for Scouts, Explorers and leaders with skills as there will be chances to actually chop a tree down. If you would like to join the Service Crew contact 07931765120, You will get free black berries and apples, the first bite is sour and eye watering, but they are nice.