Hi Leaders and Supporters, 

Two cheers this Friday, 

1 Cheer, No Leaders Briefing from Tameside hooray 😄 but will be later 😢. There are lots of good info in there for money, mental and health support that many people are entitled to. Plus, events for kids. I will send it when l get it.

2 Cheer. Party this Saturday hooray 😁 The Volunteers Celebration and Recruitment Evening, just a big name for Christmas Party and to thank you all for you do for NT Scouting.

3. We are short of Leaders and Supporters ☹ so if you know anyone who may slightly interested bring them along with you and we can have a chat. The usual things it’s only 2 hours a week and l will find them a role and a Scout Group or on tour NT District Team, some jobs you don’t need to go near kids if you don’t like them but it helps if you do.

See you Sat 26/11/22 19.00 free buffet 20.00 cheap bar open for a long time. Www.hurstcommunitycentre.org.uk

4. We have a new web team working on our www.ntscouts.org.uk site Nat and Mark, we want everything on the site so it can be used as a reference of all we do in NT. If you wish to contribute or any ideas contact natalie.lyne or mark.fish@ntscouts.org.uk.

5. FireCamp Service Crew are on the site Sat & Sun 10.00 till 14.00 call down to give us a lift for an hour or 4, wages standard rate, free brews.

6. Only 4 of these left before Christmas.

See you over the weekend at FireCamp or at the Celebration Nght

Yours Alan 🐡.