The North Tameside Scout Cooking Competition was last Saturday at 2/1 Hurst HQ in Ashton, six patrols took part from 6th Ashton Scouts, 2/1 Hurst Scouts and 413th Droylsden Scouts.

The competition was organised by ADCS Heather Pearce and SL Darryl Houghton, the task was to cook a three course meal for four. The set menu was a starter of Bruschetta, the main course of Spaghetti Bolognaise and a sweet of Tiramisu and a fruit cocktail all at set times throughout the competition, the cost of the meal had to be below £30.00.

The judges led by Wyn Fish were the Worshipful the Civic Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Michael Glover and his Mayoress Ms Anne Gordon, they all had the task of tasting and judging the six meals.

Following the judging with a possibility of a top score of 100 points the winning team was 6th Ashton Pig patrol with 78 points, second place went to 6th Ashton Prawn patrol with 75 points and third place went to 413th Droylsden A patrol with 70 points.

The winning Patrol of Oliver, Oliver, Oscar and Skye received the Cooking Competition Shield from the Mayor.

The Mayor said, we have had a lovely day with the Scouts at this cooking competition, the three courses were all delicious but some tastier than others and a varied presentation of the meal.

Following the DC Andy Morton presented 10 year service awards to 2/1 Hurst SL Alex Singleton and SAS Danny Williams. Also he presented Wood Beads, two wooden beads on the end of a leather lace an idea that Baden Powell came up with in 1919 from an African Chief to be awarded to adult volunteers in Scouting on completion of their training, to 2/1 Hurst  ASL Sinead Maguire, 6th Ashton ASL Adam Thompson and 6th Ashton ASL Jai Mistry.