Hi Supporters and Leaders,

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, don’t your kids suncream.

FireCamp all changed now with site office, climbing wall in place and sports arena nearly in place, it needs 2 piles of tarmac moving to fill in right hand edge of carpark finishing off and a bit of levelling doing so the walls can clip into place the sides needs a few wheelbarrow and spade pushers. The actual campsite needs root holes filled in and some small roots removed as a tripping hazard plus grass cutting inbetween sunbathing and brews. 

I have signed you up to be in the SAS not the jumping out of planes and saving people, the Support Active Scouting group are people that help Scouts now and again like helping on the campsite, or climbing wall, or with PRaTTS (Public Relations and Trailer Team Scouts) or helping at a Scout group doing badges eg if you are DIY person you could do the DIY Scout badge or a cook you could do the cooks badge or just help out if someone off sick. To be a SAS member you only need to do Module 1E it’s about an hour online at https://www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/learning-development-and-awards/training/learners/modules/getting-started-training/essential-information/ have ago. There may be a need to do more training dependant on what roles you would like to do, but for PRaTTS, drinking tea and talking to hopefully new recruits, the Climbing wall you don’t need to climb you can just put harnesses on Scouts, and campsite doing lots of different things you will be working with other trained leaders but you could not stay overnight as you would need a DBS. We also have a subgroup SASSY (Support Active Scouting Socially for Yonks [Yonks means a long time]) This is the social side of SAS and does include your partner and your children and you don’t need any training as one of you will be a scout member. We usually go out for meals or events, we used to go to Haven holiday weekends without Scouts just with your own kids. Leaders you are already members now, others may not be in Scouts so join up now, just do Mod 1E and let me have a photo of your certificate, thanks it’s all fun in the SAS and SASSY.

Dates for your Diary.

8&9/7/23 FireCamp 10.00-16.00 open to anyone to come and help.

8/7/23 11.00-14.00 PRaTTS at Holden Clough School Summer fair, to recruit new Scouts and chat drinking tea and possibly cake.

9/7/23 Groups and ADC reports into to andy.morton@ntscouts.org.uk

11/7/23 19.00-21.00 RPC King Georges Pick litter and pool competition. 

14/7/23 16.00-22.00 SASSY Stalybridge Streetfest street foods and drinks.

19/7/23 19.00-21.00 Nt District AGM at One Adventure Greenside Mill M43 7AJ If you have not been, have a look at www.one-adventure.co.uk you can throw axes, shoot targets and lots of other things but not at the AGM.

Lots of info from Tameside, the bus looks a bit like our old green and cream Crossville bus 2/1 Hurst had when I was GSL. We used to go turing Cornwall every year with the Venture Scouts and many other camps and trips out with 2/1 Hurst. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ashtonventures/?ref=share

Hope you can help us to make Scouting better for all young people in our many differing communities. Join SAS, have ago at module 1E for an hour one evening when its raining. You don’t need any training to be in SASSY but it does give you an idea of what it is all about. Thanks.

Yours Alan