Hi Leaders and Supporters.

No Tameside briefing yet, don’t cry it may come later, but I am still here.

FireCamp portaloo didn’t arrive, you can cry about this one, truck broke down but will be here soon. I need a different line for the portaloo, If you want a wee go behind a tree, if you want a poo use the portaloo for girls any ideas? Sam the warden will be down on site 10.00 till 1.00 on Saturday not Sunday doing some jobs, call down and see where he is up to.

Our Volunteers Celebration and Recruitment evening is 26/11/22 7.00pm at www.hurstcommunitycentre.org.uk Only a week away hope to see you all there. The training bit about the changes in Scouting in 2023 is not happening, I think HQ don’t know what they are doing so it has been cancelled. The night will just be a celebration party with free butties galore and cheap drinks at the bar. You can bring you partners and kids, plus if you can a new recruit. There are many roles with no kids in Scouting that need filling eg District Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Local Training manager, more Training Advisors and at some Groups we also need Group Chairs, Treasurers, Secretary’s and lots of new Leaders who do like kids. The Celebration party is not a uniform do but could you just wear your Neckerchief and ordinary clothes just so we can send any newies in your direction for your Group, Thanks.

From the last District Executive meeting it was agreed they will pay the accident insurance for all helpers eg not Leaders in all our groups. The climbing wall will be open over the winter just need your section, some permit holders we can train on the night if you haven’t got any, plus £25.00 for me. Bit of safety, check your outside lights it will be on your Risk Assessments. The next Appointments day is Sunday 11/12/22 10.00 to 1.00 at Kens you need to complete your basic training, if poss, before then. Goto www.gmescouts.org.uk/training1 the 5 modules only takes 3.5 hours in total you don’t have to do it all at the same time.

Yours Alan

When the Tameside briefing arrives I will forward it on.