Hi Leaders and Supporters,

Drive through Shop report, the builders have been on Monday this week and put up a girder in the shop to hold up the chimney breast for the two floors above. More bad news, a H&S engineer turned up on Thursday to check how the job was doing, the builders were supposed to be on site but weren’t, he came up with many problems. He has gone back to his office to write a long list, so I guess now the site is closed till it has all been rectified, the project is already 7 weeks behind.

Remembrance Parades this year did not have much support from Scouts. This year we looked very low in numbers attending this important event where many people have died during the many wars so we can live in the lifestyle we have now.

Cooking competition 18/11/23 is also down in numbers of Scout and Explorer teams, with only 4 teams entered out of 8 Scout Troops and 4 Explorer Scout Units.

Cinderella was wondering why not many Scouts are coming to see her at Hurst Community Centre 3rd to 9th December Tickets are normally £10 Scouts get a discount, oh no you don’t, oh yes you do, if you goto centreplayers@hurstcommunitycentre.org.uk

Any Ideas to why these above events are lacking numbers in NT?

Dates are on www.ntscouts.org.uk you can add yours, contact mark.fish@ntscouts.org.uk

18/11/23 9.30to13.00 Cooking Comp 2/1 Mayor in attendance.

18/11/23 17.00to 20.00 Christmas music on stage at Ashton Market. 

18/11/23 17.3018.00 Lantern Parade Ashton old baths to Market.

18/11/23 18.30to19.00 Father Christmas lights switch on Ashton Market.

22/11/23 19.00to20.00 District Trustee Meet 

22/11/23 20.00to22.00 SASSY Christmas meal out.

Leaders Briefing arrived early this week loads of Christmas dates and Stalybridge fest is coming back 

Yours Alan.