Hi Leaders and Supporters,

Sun is shining, that’s a good sign for Scout for outdoor activities, but remember you need to contact DC Andy to take your Scouts outside. You need his permission, and a load of risk assessments and permits.

Shop News. Well after the burst of plaster borders all the week before last none of them turned up this week till Thursday and didn’t return today. There is a plus point the main contractor Highbury Homes have sent their own maintenance John and he is doing all the joinery work and shovelling all the rubble out of the cellar, 2 skips so far. I am hoping the plasterers turn up next week. The windows should be coming in 2 weeks and the clock and signs 2 weeks after that. The most thing people miss is the clock many people have asked is the clock coming back?

Yellow Card 21. Do not overstep the boundaries with children and young people by being involved in friendships or personal relationships with them. This is a simple one it means no leader can do any touching, kissing and certainly no sex, not sure you can say sex any more, with a child. There are some relaxations eg 2 explorers going out with each other at 16 and 17 is ok but what happens when they are still going out at 17 and 18. Does that mean the 18 year old has to dump them as they are now a Leader and their partner is a child. (There a Scout resource about this but I can’t  can’t find it now. Lots of info at https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/friends-relationships-sex/ or ask sam from childline if you want advice.

Safety and Safeguarding. Make your own threes this week, Is It Safe, Touch No Child (unless an emergency) Got to fix my Landrover.

NTDSC AGM 10/7/24 7.00 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Patterdale Rd OL7 9JA all welcome. Big changes for NTDSC, now NTDTB (North TS District Trustee Board). I am stepping down as Chair after many years and Vanassa Rothwell, a Queen Scout, is stepping up into the chair. I started at Dist Ex on 1994 and have been temporarily chair on and off for 23 years, Vanassa was chair in 2014 for a short time. I was only actually voted on officially as chair in 2017. I have done my 2 hours a week as chair for the last 30 years. There have been many changes in names eg, DC is DVL District Volunteer, District Executive is now a Trustee Board and all members have to be trained and not barred from being a Trustee. Following the meeting will be a SASSY (Support Active Scouting Socially for Yonks (a long time)) meal let me know if you can come. Note you need to get your reports into Andy DC asap for the presentation screen.

50 Year Celebration Camp 3/8/24 10/8/24 all monies and forms should be in by now otherwise some may not be going?

PRaTTS (Public Relations and Trailer Team Service)  

4/8/24   Sun 12.00-16.00 St Peters Stockport Rd Ashton Fun Day. 

7/8/24   Wed 16.00-19.00 Ashton Pioneer Homes open day event. 

22/8/24 Thur  11.00-15.00 Cedar Park Queens Rd Ashton United Fun Day.

We need your help to recruit Scouts and Adults into your group, you get free brews and some time cakes.

SASSY events for everyone

12/7/24 5.00 to 9.00 Stalybridge Fest lots of food stalls and drinks

20/7/24 11.00 to 3.00 Ashton town centre events and food

FoKGVPF 7/7/24 Sun 10.00 to 1.00 Planting Plants in the park

FoKGVPF RPC 9/7/24 Tue 7.00 to 8.00 litter picking litter and pool competition 

Have a great week

Yours Alan,

Alan Fish. DAFT Volunteer.

(District Advisor For Tameside)

Mobile 07931765120 Office 0161 339 5901

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