Hi Leaders and Supporters.

This will be my last briefing, what’s all that cheering? let me finish, for this year.

Shop Update. Well after all the gales and rain on Wednesday the building is still standing. I went to check after the grandkids and I had gone to Ashton Markets fair ground. It was dark and windy but looked ok till we got onto the sizzler ride and it started to rain while others got on the ride. The ride started moving on its own when the gales started, and when the ride actually started the lashing downpour started. We sat there getting battered by the ride sidecar, one side to another, also getting battered by the gales and rain for five mins till the ride stopped. It was all good fun, but we had to go home to get changed, then off to Round the Twist Adventure in Dukinfield I sat in the cafe to recover with a brew.

Inquest on Ben, who slipped off the Great Orme falling 61m and very sadly died. The inquest is starting again on 4/1/24 if you get any enquiries about it, by the press or others please direct them to simon.carter@scouts.org.uk or 07977539630 24hr media team or if you don’t want to get involved pass them to me and I will forward them onto the Scouts media team. If it appears on Social Media, just don’t get involved if possible, a reply could be, the hearing is ongoing we should hold off any speculation or judgement until we know the outcome. If the media contact you, the Scouts HQ response would be, the hearing is ongoing so we should hold off any comments or judgements until we know the outcome. We are truly saddened by this tragic event, or give them Simon’s details above.


31/12/23 24.00 till late New years eve parties

1/1/24 Recovering from the above.

Finely for this year it’s bye bye, Wyn and I hope the new year is a good one for you and your gangs. Remember the threes, three second rules, always be safe, you be safe, others be safe, always report safeguarding, lots of agencies, to help you.

Yours Alan,

Alan Fish. DAFT Volunteer.

(District Advisor For Tameside)

Mobile 07931765120 Office 0161 339 5901

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