Shop News. Well we have had a good week. Some builders have been every day this week, putting plasterboard up and the scaffolding has gone. You can now see the shop at long last.

Yellow Card 20. Do Not join in physical contact games with children and young people. Easy one is this, but it counts out the British Bulldog game we played many times in Scouts years ago.

Safety and Safeguarding. Looking at the British Bulldog game, the Bulldog would usually be a big Scout in the middle of the HQ with all the other Scouts at one end. They would all run across the HQ and the Bulldog would catch a Scout and pick them up and shout one two three british bulldog. That Scout would then stay in the middle to join in and help the Bulldog catch other Scouts on the next run. You can guess that a few got injured and in those days there were no girls. Girls would cause more problems with a load of lads catching her and picking her up shouting one two three British Bulldog. Nowadays, it would be called British Assault and Bulldog Sexual Assault. It started around the 1930’s, it was never banned legally but many Schools and Scout Groups stopped playing it following a few deaths, the first one in 1951 and the last in 2013.

PRaTTS. Got a few events please could you help with to recruit people into your group.

29/6/24 Sat 11.00-14.00 Holden Clough School St Albans Ave Ashton fun day lots of stalls

29/6/24 Sat 12.00-16.00 Armed Forces Day Victoria Park Denton Support day.

4/8/24   Sun 12.00-16.00 St Peters Stockport Rd Ashton Fun Day. 

7/8/24   Wed 16.00-19.00 Ashton Pioneer Homes open day event. 

22/8/24 Thur  11.00-15.00 Cedar Park Queens Rd Ashton United Fun Day.

FoKGVPF. Have installed their defib at the bottom of the park at 2 Clarence Rd Ashton for public use. If you come across a heart attack casualty. First ring 999 ambulance they will give the location of the nearest defib to you. Send someone to get it, while you do CPR The hardest part using a defib is, opening the case and pressing the on button, the rest is easy the defib tells you what to do and sadly there is no kissing any more.

Bee Amazed Kids Musical Theatre Group. If you have a Scout who is into youth theatre and dancing and would like to take part in this group to gain skills and perform on stage, then book a £10.00 plus £1.00 ticket for Hairspray the Musical at Hurst Com Centre Ashton  If you need any further info contact

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