Hi Leaders and Supporters,

Wyn and I have just been on a Safer Driving for Longer course for any oldies over 50 years for FREE. We got free lunch, a bit of an easy quiz and brush up on the highway code and a drive in a dual control car with a driving examiner. Lunch was great, the quiz was easy, I got one wrong, what shape is a stop sign. I had bought a new 2022 highway code at £4.99 to replace my 1969 highway code at 1s 3d (one shilling and threepence in today’s money is 61/4 pence) but don’t buy one as you get one FREE on the course. The drive check was a drive round anywhere, you just had to talk about where you were going and any hazards that could arise along your route. Wyn and I passed? as they can’t fail you or report you to DVLA even if you can’t drive, but we did learn a few new things. I would recommend contacting www.drivesafe.org.uk or 03001231518 if you are over 50 years. To save you looking it up it’s Octagonal.

Our Trustee Board (District Executive) met on Wed, main items were, our complaint is still ongoing, we need a Treasurer, Secretary, and Local Training Manager, our SASIT Neil will be contacting Leaders about the change over of the NTemails system, FireCamp is still waiting for a lease, Andy says most groups are doing ok, next warrant appointments meeting is on 3/12/23 for those newies who have a DBS and have completed their basic training, our NT 50 years celebration camp 3to10/8/24 at Bibby’s Farm, alongside Tamesides 50 years celebrations, plus a lot of other little bits.

Check our website www.ntscouts.org.uk for dates.

Remember to be safe out there, if you go out of your hq Andy needs to know, and you need loads of paperwork, what are you doing, RA’s and possibly permits and NAN forms. 

Not got Leaders briefing yet so will send it later  

Yours Alan,

Alan Fish. DAFT. Volunteer.