Hi Leaders and Supporters,

We are only 10 days from Christmas, FireCamp is looking for a mini digger/dozer to move a pile of soil and a bit of leveling just for a day, not Christmas day when Santa would normally drop it off but anytime. Also looking for some elfs to do a bit of conversion work to our new FC site office and first aid room trailer, as elfs will be free as won’t need to go back to making presents for Christmas 2023. If you can elf with removing a center partition, moving some seating around, remove a sink unit and pipework, some electrical work and anyone who knows a bit about solar panels and invertors. You don’t need to be an elf you can be a big person, contact Santa’s elf sub-contractor alan.fish@ntscouts.org.uk. If you are free on Sat 17/12/22 at 11.00 brew time, come and see the Chief Elf Alan and the FireCamp Elf Sam so we can go through jobs for next year in which hopefully you can help with.

The Christmas photo quiz is attached to identify the photos from FireCamp, get them all correct and you will win a free Scout Pen entries to alan.fish@ntscouts.org.uk for Winter Solstice day 12.00.

The appointment day last Sunday with 9 newies or changes going thorugh, thanks to the appointment team members who helped out to start their new life of 2 hours a week Scouting.

Jonathan Carter an ex Scout from our district a few years ago has access to supply cheaper defibs for inside or outside your hq, contact mediprop@aol.com or 07775767006 for further information.

We are starting cycling in www.fokgvpf.co.uk (Friends of King George Playing Fields) and I wondered if you would like us to do cycle proficiency, cycle training and maintenance and cycle badges for Scouts next year, let me know.

At www.actiontogether.org.uk agm I attended they had £6,068,141.00 in funding for charities like ours last year. If you are not already done so, you need to sign up for their Funding Bulletin

Hope you have a good Christmas and new year. Hope to see some of you on Sat.

Yours Alan.