Hi Leaders and Supporters 

Friday again, the weeks pass faster when you get older. Lets hope 2024 is better for all of us, if not there are many services in Tameside to help, mentally and physically plus abuse and debt.

Shop, they took the slates off the roof on Monday to look at the beams no one has been yet, or to put the scaffolding roof cover over it and amazingly for me, it hasn’t rained yet.

Important change in the Yellow Card, you must have a new yellow card Version 8 1/1/24 if working with children. If not see your GSL or Leader, you must also have the poster in your HQ. You can get cards and posters free from HQ.

Yellow Card changes :-

What to do, it is down to 5 plus you must report to HQ.

If Concerned, it is down to 3 plus contact HQ.

Procedure for reporting is by contacting HQ not GSL or DC.

Code of Conduct Do’s 14 has gone up to 15 Do’s you will need to read them all as there has been changes in wordings and reporting on some. 

Code of Conduct Do Not’s 7 has gone up to Do Not’s 10, plan to be alone with a young person, let concerns or abuse go unreported, step back if you are in a personal relationship.

Contact details for your phone, 03084337164, safeguarding@scouts.org.uk out of hours 03453001818.

Check POR Rule 2.4 and goto scouts.org.uk/volunteers/staying-safe-and-safeguarding/ This week’s homework is, read the new card on your bedtime reading list to refresh your memory and keep yourself safe, remember it is also for Leader and Supporter Protection. Note, only supporters, on trustee boards (Group Executives) or those working directly with children and not constantly supervised by a Leader need to know this. It would be handy if everyone was aware of Safeguarding for those that don’t need training.

Recruitment, I wish to change by recruiting people we actually need rather than just saying we need Leaders and Supporters. I wish to be specific eg a Cub Scout Leader at 2/1 or a Trustee at 250, but I can’t do it without your help. I know compass should have all Leaders on there but all roles are not always on there plus I wouldn’t know how to work it as a OMNIT.

Could you let me know who you need in your group to help you. Thanks. 

Yours Alan, OMNIT.

(Old Man No Info Tech).

Alan Fish. DAFT Volunteer.

(District Advisor For Tameside)

Mobile 07931765120 Office 0161 339 5901

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