Hi Supporters and Leaders,

Shop Report. Job stopped again last Friday, the next stage was the slates to come off the roof to check the trusses and purlins beams in the roof. There is another job now, removing about 30 pigeons and their poo that have taken my loft as their own pigeon loft.  The builders have decided not to remove the slates now, as they are on holiday for Christmas and new year and there are winds, rain and snow forecast for over the holidays. Hopefully the new walls and the new metal hoardings will stay up for the next two weeks.

Tameside Leaders Briefing has not arrived yet, got a Christmas card email on Wednesday from boss Ged Cooney, will forward on their briefing when I get it.

Help and Support. There are many agencies I have been advertising in these briefings over the last few weeks to help and support you and others who may need help. There is no reason why anyone should suffer or be lonely over Christmas and new year, contact a service.

Dates. Not many Scouting events till New Year except the parties.

24/12/23 Christmas Eve parties and midnight masses in your local churches.

25/12/23 Christmas Day unwrapping presents and Christmas dinner parties.

31/12/23 New Year Eve parties.

1/1/24 The New Year starts here.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a great New Year, remembering that people may volunteer to join Scouting when they have had a few to many drinks at one of your parties.  So mention the great selling aid, ‘it’s only two hours a week’ at the party So take some applications with you and let me know if you have got anyone who wishes to join Scouting as a Leader or a Supporter contact alan.fish@ntscouts.org.uk 07931765120.  

Yours Alan,

Alan Fish. DAFT Volunteer.

(District Advisor For Tameside)

Mobile 07931765120 Office 0161 339 5901